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WikiPouch® creates safe, economical, sustainable healthcare products that reduce healthcare acquired infections (HAI) when used for storing reusable patient care items compared to Plastic Bags.

Protect Yourself, Patients & Staff with WikiPouch® Family of Products

  • "I am a true believer of this product. I have been using the WikiPouch® in my skilled nursing and rehab facility and as the infection control nurse my monthly reports don’t lie, respiratory infections have decreased dramatically since we switched from plastic bags to these. I highly recommend the WikiPouch® for use in long term care facilities."

    Robert Palardy
    LVN, DSD

  • "The WikiPouch® from
    Infection Prevention Products, Inc. has greatly reduced respiratory infections
    in our facility. We will continue to use the WikiPouch® family of products for
    our oxygen inhalations & breathing treatments... IT REALLY WORKS!"

    Victoria P. Bravo, RN/DSD
    ACC Nursing Home
    Sacramento, CA

  • "I’ve been in the dental 🦷 field for over 18 years. I use the
    WikiPouch®   to protect my toothbrush from 🦠 bacteria and
    germs in the air. It just makes sense. I wear a mask 😷 to stay safe, why would I not protect my toothbrush from bacteria?"


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Make the switch to WikiPouch®. A Breathable Moisture Wicking Pouch

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