WikiPouch® (formerly IP-Pouch) was formed to promote a very simple yet very effective product to help reduce nosocomial infections related to cannula & HHN usage. An invention by healthcare professional, Meredith Lloyd, our WikiPouch® reduces or eliminates the risk of cross-contamination to patients from the use of nasal cannulas, HHNs, and other respiratory devices during stays at medical facilities. The WikiPouch® is a replacement technology for plastic bags currently being used to store reuseable respiratory devices.

Meredith Lloyd

Inventor and Co-Founder

Meredith Lloyd, inventor of the Nasal Cannula Protector now known as the WikiPouch® (formerly IP-Pouch), is a single mother of five children. She started out in the healthcare profession as a midwife assistant in Ely, Nevada where she identified plastic bags as a major cause of nosocomial infections. She moved with her family to Susanville, California in 2002 where she attended nursing school and received her degree. She started out in long term care in 2008, and in 2009 started working as a charge nurse in a Skilled Nursing Facility in Susanville.