• "Our facility is very dedicated to infection control. We are impressed with your WikiPouch® and have contacted our vendor through Medline for pricing. I am excited to begin utilizing your product to reduce the risk of infection to our residents. And might I add, they look so much more professional than plastic
    bags! Thank you!"

    Debbie Gentry LPN, ADON
    Bethel Manor

  • "The WikiPouch® has really helped in compliance with storage for cannulas, and neb mask. I really like these bags, they are not only safer, they look good and are better fitted for the use we are using them for. Our infection control nurse was all for the change. Thank you so much."

    Karen M.
    Garden view Manor Nursing Home
    Danville, IL

  • “Thank you very much for sending me the WikiPouch®. They work so much better than the plastic bags. You don't have the condensation that forms in the bags at times. The nebulizer pieces stay dry and clean. There is no mold or fungus build up. I would appreciate any new product samples you want to send me."

    Linda S
    Luling Care Center
    Luling, TX

  • "The State Surveyors were very impressed with the WikiPouch®. They were equally impressed that our facility went the extra mile looking for additional ways to reduce infections."

    Darrel Thompson, Administrator
    Copper Ridge Care Center
    Redding, CA

  • "Thank you for this product. It has been a long time coming. It is so easy. Sticks to w/c, bedside stands or nebulizers. Has helped reduce HAI (Healthcare Acquired Infections) and will surely help reduce readmissions to the acute setting. Thanks!"


    Santos Windsor Chico Care Center

  • "The WikiPouch® from Infection Prevention Products, Inc. is an amazing product. It has reduced respiratory infections immensely. I don't know how we've lasted this long without it."


    Tank Director of Nurses Country Villa Riverview

  • "I have been using the WikiPouch® for over a year on my electric toothbrush and it makes my bristles feel new. I have peace of mind that my toothbrush will stay fresh and clean using the WikiPouch®."



  • "I love the fact that
    I can stick the WikiPouch® inside my medicine cabinet. It keeps my toothbrush clean and dry and it is so fast to just open the cabinet and drop my toothbrush in the pouch… I love it!"



  • "We absolutely love the WikiPouch®. I have one for each of us in the bathroom doors on the inside to put our toothbrushes away. We like them there, so they are out of the way and keeps the germs off them while other people are in the bathroom. I also have them in our to go bags when we go on vacation, so they stay clean and germ free there also."


    Shurrie & Family

  • "My Children all like the different colors of the WikiPouch® for your toothbrush. I have 4 little ones… So they each get one of the colors and Know which is theirs. I really love how sanitary it keeps our toothbrushes. I used to use the plastic toothbrush holders, but… they would get mold inside. So, with the WikiPouch® that is no longer a problem. Thank you WikiPouch®!"



  • "Will not get caught without my
    WikiPouch®, Love it!"


  • "Keeps my toothbrush clean and dry. I feel a lot better about the cleanliness of my toothbrush."



  • "I did not know I needed it, but now I can’t live without my WikiPouch®"