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ADC 2.0 Velcro Straps

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$122.50 USD
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Replaced once per month or PRN, the ADC or “A Dignity Cover”, also known as a foley catheter cover, is a breathable bag made from porous Spun-Bond fibers that wicks out moisture allowing bacteria to die naturally. The current practice of using a non-breathable thick polyethylene bag allows bacteria to survive and thrive in a warm moist environment. The material and width of the ADC also allows one to easily replace and empty the catheter reservoir. The Velcro Straps can be cinched up tight or loosened as needed for low bed requirements.

  • $2.45 ea.
  • 13"X11"
  • Velcro straps
  • Breathable pouch
  • Made from a porous Spunbond fibers material