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PIP 2.0 Peel & Stick

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Replaced once per month or PRN, the PIP-2.0 or “Personal Items Pouch” is a breathable pouch used primarily to store reusable personal items such as a toothbrush, snore guards, night guards etc. The PIP-2.0 can also be used for other items such as hearing aids, eye glasses and the like. Made from breathable moisture wicking material that removes moisture allowing bacteria to die naturally, the PIP-2.0 with Peel & Stick tape can adhere to almost any surface. With a place to write the date and put one’s name, the PIP-2.0 is ideal for many reusable personal items.

  • $0.89 ea.
  • 4"X6"
  • Peel & Stick tape
  • Breathable pouch
  • Made from a porous Spunbond fibers material