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WPT-4 Pack, Single Pack

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$4.95 USD
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$4.95 USD


Developed specifically for a toothbrush, the “WPT-4 Pack” is made from the same breathable moisture-wicking material as all the other WikiPouch® products. The WPT wicks moisture off the toothbrush, keeps it clean and dry & provides quick and simple storage. Stick the WPT WikiPouch® to almost any surface, on a mirror, inside your medicine cabinet etc. For your electric toothbrush, just put the WPT WikiPouch® upside down over the top of the brush. Great for Travel and camping as well. “Simply drying your toothbrush between use kills bacteria” “”. Best if replaced every 3 months.

  • $4.95 ea. Inc S&H
  • 3"X6"
  • Peel & Stick tape
  • Breathable pouch
  • Made from porous Spun-Bond fibers material